that’s the worst night I’ve experienced in my entire life. fucking scary. I really hate my heart. this time it’s the physical organ, not the metaphorical heart.

i’m not strong enough to deal with all of this.

can’t sleep. feel sick whenever i eat.


I’m emotionally damaged. i express myself through music. it makes music extremely important to me.

those around me or close to me won’t experience my outpouring of emotions. I’m sorry. it makes things incredibly hard, because i feel so intensely but can’t seem to express myself to the people that i love and care about.

Silverchair - Asylum

I feel the sun before it’s light
And it fades away into the night
I was afraid, I feared myself
I cleared the shelf
And killed the shame

But I can feel it in the night
Collect the rocks
And throw them over borders
To shake the muddy waters
And clear myself
From hiding every thorn

Cause everytime I see your face in a cloud
I feel no violence
So tilt the water
Till it turns me around
To my own asylum
Dry in the day
And fading away………

silverchair b-sides diorama 2001 daniel johns asylum

"To all of the animals
who keep sipping the sweat from my back,
You’re making me ill
And I can’t get enough
So take another pill and tell another lie
And lie amongst your lies like tuna in the brine."
- Daniel Johns (Silverchair)

silverchair lyrics poetry daniel johns

Tuna In the Brine



Tuna In the Brine, Silverchair. Diorama. Maybe it’s not my favorite album of all time, but it’s in the top 10.

Produced by Van Dyke Parks. Baroque Pop to the max.